Friday, September 11, 2015

Star Luminosity Project

Star Luminosity Project
Why Does Our Sun Seem So Much Brighter Than Others 
Stars In The Sky?

1. Describe What This Project Is Going To Prove 
In this project I will prove the sun’s apparent brightness depend on the distance rather than the size. 
The closer the sun is the brighter it appears and the farther the sun is the dimmer it appears.

2. Summarise One Of The Experiments That You Did And Explain How It Helps Prove Your 
We had a flashlight and we move to 3 different spots we had to shine the flashlight on the 
big paper and we drew 3 circles around the lights.  The further the was from the wall the dimmer it was.

3. Summarize The Second Experiments And Explain How It Helps You prove Your Idea.
When the light gets closer to the sensor the brighter the light is.  But if you get farther 
the dimmer the brightness is.

4. Explain How You Proved Your Idea.
Based on our two experiments the farther the star is from the earth the dimmer it will be.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Rollercoster Experiment

Hi It's Syira and we have learned about potential energy and
kinetic energy. We have built a roller coaster to learn about
potential energy and kinetic energy.

Who I Did It With?
I did it with a group, my group are Brita, Ella and I. 
We have worked really hard we spent 3 days to build

Today May 8th, 2015 we did our presentation. 

This is our roller coaster

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After School Activities

The after school activities that I signed is Glee club,Gardening and Art and I am so exited about all of them because all of them hear fun also I wish cooking got added for grade 4 to 8 I hope I have fun.